“I started training with Nav just 6 weeks ago to try and tone my body overall and build much needed body strength….….and lose some of that stubborn fat from my waist. Nav started with a consultation and walked me through his background which gave me confidence that I was with the right person.”

“Nav has a very professional manner, makes people feel comfortable and makes the sessions achievable and fun! He has a great way of getting more out of someone, he got 100 kettlebell swings out of me on my 3’rd visit which was much more than I could have anticipated. My body feels leaner, stronger and a can for the first time see some definition. Nav has tailored each work out so that he gets maximum results from our session and has kept me continually motivated by mixing things up and introducing boxing too.”

“I have been really pleased with what I have achieved in the last 6 weeks with Nav. Provided you’re willing to work hard……….and he does work you hard, eat the right food and do exercise more than once a week, you too can see benefits.”

“All round great experience so far and would not hesitate in recommending him…….just don’t take my time slot”.

Rohit K


“When I started to train with Nav I wasn’t obese but definitely had some weight to lose. I’d been in the gym on and off for years without much to show for it. I work shifts and don’t sleep well.”

“What I liked about Nav, was that he looked at me as a whole as opposed to giving me some exercises and counting the sets and reps. It took a bit of time, but he first helped me establish some better sleep habits. Not one to diet, Nav looked at what I ate and identified what foods I really loved and which ones I could live without. The results were almost an immediate weight / fat loss and that I’ve kept off. I’d recommend Nav to anybody without hesitation.”

Mark S


“Tucked away in a serene corner of Osterley is a state-of-the-art personal training unit that will whip even the most regular advanced-reformer Pilates pupil into-shape! No 60 minute session is ever the same – push, pull, jump, lift, a scene that is repeated twice a week without fail – and the results are clear for all to see, for anyone who wants to break out of the routine, doesn’t think they can cope with a one-to-one PT session..think again..its the best change I’ve made in my routine! – just check-out my lunges!”

Jane D


“I’ve been training with Nav from last 2 months, and I’m amazed with the strength and muscles gains I have achieved so quickly. The workouts are varied and enjoyable but at the same time challenging. He knows the latest training systems, including kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes, suspension training and many more. I would definitely recommend Nav to anybody wanting to change their body shape for the better.”

Amandeep S


“I was never somebody who cared dramatically about my shape, but realising that 10 years had passed where I was to all intents and purposes ‘overweight’, I decided to do something about it.”
“I contacted Nav 3 months ago with the goals of weight loss and improving my fitness in mind, and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Having spent the last decade oscillating between sizes 12 and 16, I’ve now lost 10kgs and am the proud owner of a size 8 dress which actually fits (well, just!).”
“I could not rate Nav more highly. Nor could I fault his methods of training and motivation. His humour and dedication make sessions fun and entertaining, and this, combined with the joy of seeing the pounds fall away, is why training with Nav is fast becoming a highlight of my week. If you were thinking of enlisting the help of a personal trainer, you could not find one better than Nav.”

Lisa T


I was looking for a PT to help me in weight loss and was bit baffled as to who to sign up with as there are so many PT’s out there. But I was drawn to Nav as he specialised in weight loss and also had his own private gym and was glad with my choice.
The sessions with Nav are fun but intense and very informative. Whilst your exercising Nav educates you on what muscles your working and why your carrying out the exercises in that position etc.
In such a short time I had built overall strength and fitness. I was able to perform exercises which I would not have been able to do on my own.
Yes I have seen results and so did everyone else and the compliments kept flying in. I was amazed at what I could achieve with weight training.
Nav is really helpful, committed and motivational and is dedicated in ensuring you reach your goals and I can’t recommend him enough.
Bhavna P